Incredible waves and empty line-ups

No wonder the first sailors to set eyes on Taiwan uttered the words “ilha formosa”... beautiful island.

The coastline is stunning. Cliffs drop straight into the ocean. Mountain ranges create breath-taking views. Valleys and gorges channel cobblestones, sand and offshore winds into an array of quality rivermouths, beach breaks, reefs and points.

Empty barrels and line ups devoid of surfers litter the coast and are as refreshing as the cool waterfalls and hot springs that await tired surfers-surfed out after another session where the only competition is from their tiring arms.

This is Taiwan!

A few hours inland and the charm and isolation of the coast quickly evaporates into a scene from a Jackie Chan movie; this is the other side of tropical Taiwan. Modern bustling cities, neon lights and seas of people create a stunning contrast to the coastal experience.

Quality surf, empty line ups, amazing sights, adventure and an intoxicating cultural experience: Taiwan has it all.